Various competitions, available to members within the club and provincially, are described below.

Some club competitions are played during the weekly Tuesday draws while other in-house trophy matches must be scheduled by the players themselves.  Members should check the locker room bulletin boards to sign-up for all club activities and competitions.  Information on Alberta Golf, EGA Ladies Division, and other outside club tournaments may also be posted.

To participate in VLGC, EGA Ladies Division, Alberta Golf, and Golf Canada tournaments, players must ensure that all their scores are entered and up to date on the Golf Canada Score Centre prior to the event.  For each competition, there will be cut off dates for handicap verification purposes.

In all VLGC competitions, players with a converted course handicap higher than 40, must compete at a 40 course handicap.

Ties in Handicap Competitions

In the case a tie, a playoff should be used when feasible. Traditionally for the in-house tournaments, three additional holes have been played in such instances. However, sudden death is also an option.

Process to Decide Ties

It is up to the committee in charge of the competition to determine(beforehand) how ties will be broken, If a playoff of any type is not feasible in the case of a tie, matching score cards is recommended to determine a winner. The following process, which comes from Golf Canada, uses the net score for the last nine, last six, last three and ultimately if required, the last hole.

This means that in an 18 hole event, ties are separated by the best gross or net score over the final nine holes. If the best score for the last nine holes does not separate out a winner, then the final six holes are used, and, if that still fails to provide a definitive outcome, the final three holes. If a tie still persists then the score on the final hole is used. This method is based on the principle that the person who is playing better overall, based on abilities for the last 9, 6, 3 holes should be declared the winner. If the player had not had a bad hole or two "at the end", he or she would probably have won the tournament.

These games are played during the regular Tuesday draws.  Five are flighted by handicap so that players with the lower ones go out first. Since the scoring systems for the other competitions do not use a simple net or lower gross total, players with varying abilities will be placed in each group instead.

John “Johnnie” Aitken Par Trophy (non-flighted) 
This trophy was donated by John Aitkin, former Head Pro of Victoria Golf Course.
A winner is determined by using his special system to tally results.

River Valley Trophy (flighted) 
A trophy introduced in 2004 by the VLGC.  Competition is open to all members. Golfers are grouped in flights according to handicap.  Winner is low net, runner up is low gross.

Club Championship Trophy (flighted) 
This 36-hole stroke play event is played over two consecutive Tuesdays.  Golfers are grouped in flights according to handicap.  Low gross and low net scores in each flight are recognized.  The player with the lowest gross score is the Club Champion.  She will represent the club at the EGA Tournament of Champions in the fall.

Senior Ladies Club Championship Trophy (flighted) 
This is a one day 18-hole stroke play event.  Members over 50 years of age are eligible to compete. Golfers are grouped in flights according to handicap. The player with the lowest gross score is the Senior Club Champion.  Runner-up is the low-net score. Non seniors play regular Tuesday club golf.

Tombstone Tournament Trophy (flighted) 
Open to all members.  The object is to “out-live” the strokes allowed according to the player’s handicap.  The strokes allowed combines the course rating plus the player’s current handicap. When this total is reached, mark your tombstone and note it on your scorecard. The player with the most strokes left over, after play, is the winner.

Penny White Stableford Trophy (non-flighted) 
The trophy was donated by former member Penny White (Australia).  This competition is played on a specified Tuesday using the Stableford scoring system. Points are awarded based on the number of strokes taken at each hole, rather than counting the total strokes taken on each hole.  The object is to have the highest score, unlike traditional scoring where the aim is to have the lowest score.   The trophy is awarded to the net winner.

The in-house competitions listed below should be played outside the regular Tuesday club play schedule (See rule 33-1). The sign-up sheets for these trophies are posted on the locker doors, not the bulletin board.

Players should check the draws regularly and must arrange a mutual day and time of play starting as early as possible in the season.  Although deadlines are not listed on the draw for completion of each match, players should try to play their games before others take off on trips or are away over the summer due to family events.  If play cannot be completed within a suitable time frame, it may be defaulted.  Tee times can be booked through the Pro-Shop in advance of the usual city on-line four day booking restriction.

Under extenuating circumstances, some exceptions may be allowed to day of play for these in-house trophies. Should it be necessary to play a MATCH (Jennifer Jaclyn or Victoria Cup) during regular Tuesday league play, the players must declare they are doing so and must forfeit/disqualify themselves from the regular stroke play scheduled that day.  Permission will be at the discretion of the Sports Captain.

The Erlanger is a stroke play competition and may be allowed during Tuesday play, if necessary, to meet a competition deadline.

Erlanger Trophy (all Handicaps)
Competition for this trophy, donated by Dr. Erlanger in 1937, is open to all club members who sign up.  The game is stroke play, using 80% of the player’s established handicap updated on the day of play.   Although deadlines are not established, competition must be completed in a suitable time frame to have the winners move up the ladder for their next game.  At least 8 members must sign up in order for the competition to proceed.

Jennifer Jaclyn Trophy (0-27 Handicap)
Competition for this trophy, donated by Carl Cunningham, is single match play for members with 0-27 handicaps.  At least 8 members must sign up to play in order for the competition to proceed.   Strokes are given to the higher handicap player as the full difference between the handicaps of the two players competing.
Victoria Cup Trophy (Over 28 Handicap)
This match play competition is for players with handicaps of 28 and over.  At least 8 members must sign up to play in order for the competition to proceed.   Strokes are given to the higher handicap player as the full difference between the handicaps of the two players competing.


EGA Ladies Division organizes an annual competition for amateur ladies, usually played in June. Since VLGC belongs to the organization, we encourage our members to attend and represent us. The tournament is a combined two day event, limited to 96 players, with different age categories in each group. Format is 36 holes of stroke play. Hosting the event is rotated among EGA Ladies Division member clubs. Information is available on their website at 

Victoria Ladies Golf Club will co host the EGA Tournament in 2023 with the Royal Mayfair Golf Club.

The Alberta Golf organizes several annual tournaments for ladies.  All competitors must belong to an  Alberta Golf member club, which the VLGC has been for many years.  Information regarding dates, location, entry fees and registration is available on the AGA website at

Alberta Ladies Amateur Championship 
Open to amateur women golfers with a handicap factor of 25 or less.  Format is 72 holes of stroke play with a cut after the third round.  Mid-Master is open to players 40 years of age and over – 54 holes of stroke play.  Limit is 120 players.

Alberta Senior Ladies Championship
Open to amateur women golfers aged 50 years and older (65 and older for super senior).  Handicap factor limit is 30.0.  Format is 54 holes of stroke play.  Limit is 120 players.

Alberta Golf for the Cure Ladies Team Classic
The Alberta Golf has designated the Team Classic event as “Golf for the Cure” Provincial Event.  CFTC is a Golf Canada program designed to grow women’s participation in golf through a unique partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society.  A portion of the entry fee will go to the Canadian Cancer Society and then be redirected back to Alberta.  This is a two day tournament.  Teams consist of two players with combined handicap factors of 25 or more.  Registration is on a first come-first served basis. Limit is 120 entrants (60 teams).